This chronic and irreversible condition, which is commonly known as“pyorrhoea”, consists of theinflammation and infection of the ligaments and bones supporting the tooth. If it is not treated in time the tooth may be completely lost.

Periodontics is concerned with the detecting and treating of the pathologies affecting the tissues surrounding the tooth (gums, the periodontal ligament, and thealveolar bone).

Although some bacteria are largely responsible for the alterations of these tissues, there may be other factors associated with these pathologies.

Because of all this it is very important to make a correct diagnosis with the use of the latest detection techniques so as to establish more personalised and efficient treatment. We do this by takingcultures of oral bacterial flora to prescribe suitable treatment and stabilise the condition. We carry out periodic checkups on our patients and try to slow down their periodontal processes by teaching them special brushing techniques.

Periodontal treatment ranges from the correction of hygiene techniques in order to control bacterial plaque to the elimination of the factors causing it (dental calculus ortartar and periodontal pockets).