At the Manrique&Pedraza Dental Clinic we offer fully personalised dentistry treatment that is carried out by using the latest techniques and technologies on the market. We resolve your dental health problems with the continuous advice of highly qualified professionals who are trained to use the most novel cutting-edge technology.

Dentistry not only helps you tomasticate correctly but also allows you to achieve satisfactory good dental aesthetics and to prevent illnesses that affect the rest of the body. For this reason we are aware that it is very important to our patients that we are familiar with and trained in the use of novelties in dental technology and techniques.

We invest in cutting-edge technology so as to have access to the latest advances and give our patients a better service

We therefore have the use of:

– Computer-guided implant surgery
–Invisible braces
– ZOOM (Phillips) state-of-the-art whitening lamp
– Variosurg for advanced oral surgery with minimum trauma
– Equipment for minimally invasive surgery
– Intraoral digital scanner
– 3-D digital radiology scanner – Implantology planning
– 3-D radiology scanner – ATM diagnosis
– Minimal radiation digital radiovisiography
– Digital periodontogram
– Plasma centrifuge rich in growth factors