At the Manrique&Pedraza Clinic we are concerned with prevention. The essential mainstay of health education is prevention, which is the instrument for the transmitting ofhealth education since childhood.

If children are made aware of the great importance of looking after their teeth as part of their health routine, this will help them to continue to do so as adults and help their own children to do likewise. Parents must also learn these healthy habits from their children. Bad habits are caused by a lack of information.

Conservative dentistry is based onprevention and caring for and preserving your teeth so as to avoid future problems.

Our professionals will advise you on the best treatments for keeping your mouth healthy and in good condition. Conservative dentistry treats all stages oftooth decay from before its appearance to when the tooth has been affected.

The numerous techniques of conservative dentistry recover both the function and the shine of the teeth affected. If you need a reconstruction, aspecialist in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry will design a treatment just right for you.

For instance, reconstruction with composite veneers is an ideal aesthetic solution as these teeth will blend in with the natural ones in perfect alignment, closing gaps and avoiding possible changes in colour.