At the Manrique&Pedraza Clinic we are aware of the importance of encouraging dental hygiene habits in children and of having the latter attend checkups approximately every 6 months. It is very important for this to be done from an early age so that they are used to the process as this will give them positive motivation for future checkups.

Periodic checkups avoid that “fear of the dentist” which children often feel

In our centre we divideodontopaediatrics into the following:

Prevention: We take the appropriate measures to anticipate dental problems that may arise. In order to achieve this periodic checkups are necessary.

Odontopaediatrics: This is the field of dentistry that examines and treats children. It detects anomalies in the position of the jaws or teeth in order to carry out restoration treatment if this is necessary, avoiding tooth decay, and treating any decay that has occurred and its consequences which without appropriate treatment may even involve the loss of teeth at an early age.

Orthodontics for children: This involves the diagnosis of incorrect teeth positions and their correction by aligning the alternations of teeth and jaws.It should be stressed that an advantage of this treatment is that orderly teeth operate better and allow improved chewing, are easier to clean and look better, and will therefore give children fewer problems when they grow up. We also have special treatments for teenagers.