We know that dental aesthetics is very important. That is why we dedicate our best efforts to this dental specialty. The goal is to make you proud to show off your teeth, not to avoid smiling for fear of a dental defect that can be easily corrected with our treatments.

They can be done in a single session. It is an option to improve dental aesthetics in a fast and economical way.

To achieve these goals we employ different techniques, such as teeth whitening, composite or ceramic veneers, orthodontics, and other advanced techniques.

Ceramic veneers are thin ceramic sheets made to measure in the laboratory that are placed covering the entire anterior surface of the tooth, providing the patient’s smile with a suitable shape, size, color and position. The treatment of porcelain veneers is done in 2 sessions.

The first one is where the thickness of the tooth is reduced a little and stockings are taken to be made in our laboratory. At the second appointment, the final veneer is cemented into the patient’s tooth. Composite Veneers. It consists of adhering a material of the same composite color to the tooth to give the desired shape and appearance to the patient’s smile.