Tooth whitening is a conservative aesthetic treatment that is relatively simple and quick. It is advisable for treating teeth with stains and discolouration or simply because the natural colour of the teeth has darkened over the years or owing to the consumption of substances causing staining (coffee, tea, cigarettes, red wine), dental traumatism…

Tooth whitening is a process that lightens the colour of the teeth

The aim is to achieve a harmonious smile by giving your teeth a colour in keeping with your aesthetic needs as quickly as possible by using simple painless processes with no side effects.

If you follow simple post-treatment instructions and your oral hygiene is appropriate, teeth whitening can last for years.

At our Dental Clinic we use different types of tooth whitening depending on the whitening agent used, its concentration, the length of time it is exposed to the tooth, aesthetic requirements, and the patient’s lifestyle.

Because of all this, at the Manrique&Pedraza Clinic you are in very good hands and can find out which type of whitening is best for you, depending on your tooth type.



Treatment at the clinic or at home: It is carried out by using a gel with a whitening agent which is applied to the teeth by means of asplint made-to-measure for the patient tofit his/her teeth which is placed over them. The process is designed to be done at home in an easy, simple, and efficient manner. Normally the duration of the treatment ranges from 2 to 3 weeks, but this time may vary from patient to patient. It is a safe method for both teeth and gums and does not modify the structure of the tooth but merely lightens its colour.
The teeth will always become lighter than they were before, but if the cause of their darkening persists (coffee, tea, cigarettes) the treatment may have to be repeated periodically.

At the clinic:

We have a state-of-the-art Philips ZOOM lamp so as to carry out whitening with high aesthetic requirements. This is achieved by applying a gel with a higher concentration of whitening agent to the teeth and activating it with a cold-light Led lamp, which obtains a considerable whitening or “lightening” effect on the teeth. This part of the whitening is carried out at the dental surgery, involves no pain, and requires only 1 session.


Not only do we take the best of both techniques; we enhance the results. Firstly whitening is carried out at the clinic with a cold-light lamp and the process is completed at home. This technique has been shown to be the most efficient and that giving the most long-lasting results.


As notwo patients are alike we use personalised tooth whitening treatments at our clinic. There are many kinds of tooth whitening on the market with presentations in different concentrations, but not all of them are suitable for all patients. On occasion dental sensitivity becomes a problem when carrying out whitening in common with the appearance of various pathologies. Our team of professionals will therefore assess your case and advise you in accordance with your needs.


This is advisable for isolated teeth that have darkened whether after root canal treatment (endodontics / killing the nerve) or because they have become infected.

The treatment consists of whitening the tooth from the inside and is carried out in two sessions. During the first the tooth is opened from behind, the root canal is strongly sealed (endodontics), and a whitening agent is applied which is left inside the tooth. Then a provisional filling is placed on it until the second appointment a week later, when the decision will be taken as to whether the process should be repeated or whether the tooth colour is the desired one and a definitive plug is placed.