At the Manrique&Pedraza Dental Clinic we are environmentally conscious. We do all we can to protect the sustainability of our planet and therefore contribute towards caring for the environment that means so much to the future of our society.

As for the administrative processes that we carry out at the dental clinic, we have computerised a large proportion of them so as to reduce our paper consumption by over 70%; we also use the digital signature system. On the other handwe use digital X-rays at the clinic so as to ensure the best treatment for our patients and the sustainability of the environment. The main advantage of this technology is that it benefits the patient as he/she is exposed to less radiation and if the X-ray is lost there is no need to repeat it. In addition, digital X-rays do not require chemical processing which means they do not contaminate the environment in any way.

Moreover, as at the Manrique& Pedraza Dental Clinic we are aware of the environmental effects of consuming more energy than necessary, to a large extent the lighting of the clinic is that of LED bulbs which consume between 80 and 90% less than standard ones. LEDs are environmentally friendly as they contain no toxic substances and can be recycled.