I have known Dr Manrique for many years since he was working in Madrid and I am very happy with his dedication, professionalism, and availability. I had a serious problem with my gums and his treatment allowed me to keep my teeth and my gums no longer bleed.

As I am now over eighty I thought that I would not bite into an apple again, but I went from having false teeth in a glass of water to having fixed teeth that don’t move. I couldn’t believe it! I am very happy and grateful to Dr Manrique.

I had always had a big problem with my smile; I thought of using braces but I didn’t want them to show. The alternative of invisible braces that Dr Pedraza suggested to me was a great idea. People didn’t know that I was using them.

The team of professionals is extremely highly qualified and I trust them completely both for myself and for anyone in myfamily; I would definitively recommend them. Moreover, Dr Manrique has given me a lovely smile with an excellent piece of work. I recommend them 100%!!!