Implantology is the field of dentistry that has developed the most in recent years; it has become the treatment of choice forthe remodelling of an incomplete set of teeth. A dental implant is a small titanium component that is inserted into the jawbone to replace the natural root of the missing tooth. Once it has been joined to the bone, the artificial root acts as a base for the fixing of individual crowns or bridges consisting of several pieces.

We can currently carry out minimally invasive surgery that allows the fitting of the implants with hardly any need to open the gums orto use stitches so as to provide a comfortable post-operative period. Nowadays a lack of bone does not prevent the fitting of implants as current regenerative techniques achieve suitable bone and gum volumes at minimal discomfort to the patient and even without prolonging the treatment.

With computer-guided surgery a preliminary 3-D study of the patient is carried out which allows the virtual placing of the implants in the desired positions as appropriate and transferring them to the patient’s mouth by means of personalised prompts to reduce the margin of error and any possible complications. Once the implants are in place the provisional crowns can be fitted to achieve immediate functionality and aesthetics.


Thanks to immediate fitting the patient can enjoy fixed teeth in one day. The process consists of the extraction of the teeth in poor condition, the fitting of the implants, and the building of provisional crowns that will be fixed to the implants, all in the same day. With this technique the patient does not have to wear the traditional removable prostheses during the healing process.